Laconic Story is a studio that creates colourful animal sculptures and objects, using ceramic as the main medium. We believe in conservation through education, and to do so, we focus on endangered and/or esoteric (little known) animals and transform them into colourful, contemporary artwork.
We embrace the permanence in ceramics, and also the limitless possibilities that exists in mixed media, hoping to transfer such notions to the wild creatures she sculpts. Each work is created with extensive research, drawing references from natural history, along with colour tests and form studies. Our practice is organic, materials and form may continue to change, but our essence – to raise awareness for species in need – will never change.
The perpetuity in all creatures starts with education for humanity.
The IUCN Red List
The International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List (IUCN Red List) is one of the most important tools to help analyze the world’s biodiversity and its health. It has assessed more than 31 000 species of animals and plants to determine which category the species fall into. The categories include – Extinct (EX), Extinct from wild (EW), Critically Endangered (CR), Endangered (EN), Vulnerable (VU), Near Threatened (NT), and Least Concern (LC).
To determine which category an animal belongs to, scientists and conservationists must access their current population count (usually an approximate), habitat range, threats, and conservation actions that are in place to protect the species.
The IUCN Red List help people to focus on specific species for conservation efforts, while guiding and informing future conservation and funding opportunities. This is also the tool we use here at the studio to define which subject or species to make. All work will have the IUCN Status listed at the end of its title or name. 
For more information, you can visit the IUCN Red List site.




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