I am from Toronto, should I shop online or at shows?
I much prefer you shop at shows physically! I can pack it with care and you would be steps away from home! But with shopping online, there would be shipping costs, and we would have no clue how the postmen would handle the fragile cargo.

I saw in a particular product at shows but I cannot find them online, how come?
If for every animal, every size, and every colour combination I must take some pictures to sell online, this would make it my full job! I have selected a few to become part of the online shop. Unfortunately, this is the best I can do for very specialized, one of a kind items!
Please remember though: The canopic jars you see may not be the one you receive.

How do I stay up to date or get more information first hand on shop updates?
Best way is to follow us on Instagram @laconic.story ! I update stories daily (or i try to) on my processes and updates. I send Newsletter occasionally, because we all hate too much advertising emails!

Do you take commissions?
Not at this moment. When/if this option becomes available, you can find out firsthand on Instagram.

Why is there no option of what colour is on the inside of jars?
With all the options for animal, size, and the colour on the exterior, it has gotten increasingly hard to inventory one of a kind items. There may be 2 or 3 of the same animal, same exterior colour, but they will not have the same colour on the inside. Moreover, I may not be able to name a single colour option to a glaze that may have a variegated/ gradient effect. Not knowing what you will see on the inside is part of the experience (that is, if you are shopping online)!


 Shopping for Canopic Jars - how it works:

Canopic Jars are made in small batches, with 3 to 4 colours, and 3 or more animals each batch. Because of the constant change and limited quantities (to keep it one of a kind), photos in the online shop may not be updated with new colours, and are for references only.

Select the color options, which are named based on Benjamin Moore colours. You can check the Benjamin Moore website for the swatch colour. Please be aware that colours on the screen will differ slightly from the actual product colour. Be sure you are willing to make this (fun) risk when you are purchasing!

You can check Instagram for updates of what colours or animals will be added to the online shop.