Artist Statement

In an anthropocentric world that we live in, humanity sees less of animals, but more of domestication. As stewards of nature, humans should learn more about the animals that we share the planet with, as we forget that we do sometimes.

I create anthropomorphic creatures, inspired by animals, that do and interact with human things. As humans, we often put intrinsic value on objects, beliefs and rituals that often seem preposterous to other individuals. By recreating these objects, to be interacted with anthropomorphic creatures sculpted with clay, I hope to draw a connection between humans and the wildlife. After all, we are also animals. 





Residential designer gone ceramist. Wildlife Enthusiast. Experimental artist. Curious learner and naturalist.

Graduate of OCAD University, major in Environmental Design and minor in Ceramics.

From Hong Kong to Toronto, I am a true urban girl with a yearn for nature. The mysterious species and the lives beyond the city fascinates me. The wilderness during camping and hikes excites and also terrifies me at the same time. I can only use my love of reading about wildlife and what surrounded me as I grew up as inspirations for my art. In my world, we live as animals and animals live as humans. Wouldn't that be just wonderful?