What's the story of the name "Laconic Story"?

A dictionary definition of "Laconic" is:

 /ləˈkänik/: (of a person, speech, or style of writing) using very few words.

And therefore Laconic Story would, by definition be, "A short, brief, or precise story." But of course, that would not entail a whole blog post about it! So how did I come about this as my art brand? 





I am deciding what to call my practice, aside from "Miranda Lee Ceramics" or "Miranda Lee Art", and wanting more substance than that, I turned to the dictionary. I also asked my husband what I should call my practice, and he simply said "Something that describes you". 

I don't even look at the camera in most photos!

Laconic is a word I have never used, nor have I heard another person used it in another sentence. But this word basically describes all introverts. And if you haven't got it yet, yes I am an introvert that is making big efforts to tell my story through my art!

Ok so I am an introvert so Laconic Story makes sense, is that it?

Sometimes I also send out my dog Naru the poodle to do my bidding!


No, of course not! It is also describing my art as well - it is a short, precise story about the animal in subject. As a person who has difficulty explaining my work in person, I'd like to believe my art is the best representation of my visions and goals. 

Hopefully in the future when you see me in shows, you'd stop and listen to the laconic story I have for my work!