Not knowing where to put your collectibles? This might help!

contemporary ceramic animal canopic jar

I have recently been searching for a place to put all my Canopic Jars on display without looking like a mess. Unlike our animal wall sculpture, where a simple screw on the wall would suffice, our collectible animal jars are more fragile, and since they are tabletop sculpture, would require more surface space. 

I have found the solution - an item can be obtained very close to home!


This is solid wooden display shelf with compartments - perfect for any treasures, small sculptures and trinkets that you would like to be displayed, but not left on your wardrobe or dresser, dusting. 

This shelf is currently holding my older Canopic jars and other small works, available for purchase at a discounted price! You can see them - and the shelf in person at 1benmu, located in Toronto, or shop for the shelf only online here

For more recent and larger Canopic Jar works, check it out here!

Can you think of something to put on this beautiful shelf made by 1benmu? You can also custom make other solid wood furniture by them - just hop onto their website and shoot them a message!